About ME

When I was younger, I wanted to express all the images and thoughts in my head through drawing or painting, but I believed that I couldn’t even draw a straight line. Instead, I decided to start photographing what caught my attention and ultimately became a rather good photographer.

My passion is being in the dark room…where the magic happens as I see the images when they finally take shape and tone. It is just like being in front of a canvas where the thought of an image becomes a reality.

Ultimately, I did pursue my interest in drawing and painting, and through the years, I have learned to work with different painting mediums and drawing techniques. Taking numerous art classes has helped me gain knowledge on how to utilize the right materials to create art.

This took me to another chapter in my life; the dream of opening an art supply store to help others find the right tools for their creations. This dream has finally become a reality in Carrizozo, New Mexico… where the magic is happening!

~ Elena Ramirez


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